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Whether you're an individual or a small business employer you probably:

  • want the peace of mind of knowing your legal obligations are covered
  • don't want to have to keep up to date with all the tax and NI legislation
  • don't want to waste valuable time calculating salaries, wages and taxes
  • want to minimise payroll costs
  • would like a reminder of payments due to HMRC
  • want to keep control of all payments to your employees and HMRC
  • want access to a reliable payroll service from your own PC at a convenient time for you

PayrollCafé provides such an online service that will:

  • Register you with HMRC as an employer
  • Calculate payroll for your salaried staff, your weekly paid employees or commission based employees
  • Provide you with payslips for each employee showing gross pay, pension and statutory deductions, and net pay
    • PayrollCafé will even remind you each week/month by e-mail that you need to provide us time sheet information if there is any variation in the amount due to your employee(s)
  • Process and issue P45s whenever an employee leaves/joins your employment
  • Issue you with all the payroll data that you are required to keep and/or supply to a third party, e.g. a pension provider
  • Provide you with a summary of Tax and NI payments due to HMRC
    • PayrollCafé will even remind you by e-mail each time it's due
  • Complete your Employer's Annual Return for you
  • Provide an Annual Payroll Summary (P60) for each of your employees

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All you need to do is ...

  • Each pay date, fill in a simple online time sheet for each employee who does not receive a fixed amount
    • Takes approximately 1 minute per employee
    • PayrollCafé will even send you a reminder e-mail each pay period
  • Print the payslip(s) we e-mail you and pay your employee(s)
    • You keep control of all payments made to your employees
  • Pay HMRC based on the summary provided by PayrollCafé
    • You keep control of all payments made to HMRC
  • Initial one-time set-up