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How PayrollCafé's online payroll services work:
Make every payday simple and hassle-free online at PayrollCafé.

PayrollCafé offers a convenient and secure web interface where a team of experts prepare your payroll for you.


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Never miss another payroll or tax return - PayrollCafé
will send you an e-mail reminder to submit time sheets, pay taxes due to HMRC, etc.
PayrollCafé Ltd is operated by a team of professionally qualified staff who will ensure that your employees are paid efficiently to your timetable and specifications.

With our many years of experience working with payroll procedures, you can be confident that yours is in capable hands.

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You can see at a glance all of your employees
and can review and/or edit their details, add a new employee or submit a time sheet. Payrollcafé, your online payroll department, will do the rest.

Unlike online payroll software, PayrollCafé provides a comprehensive UK payroll service, allowing secure and effective online payroll outsourcing for small businesses and individuals alike.

Our terms include a 30 day money back guarantee

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You will receive a payslip
for each of your employees prior to their payday.  You keep control of all payroll related payments made to your employees and HMRC.

PayrollCafé - your online payroll department